Journal Club

Epigenetics Journal Club

Spring 2017
GMS 6195, Thursdays, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, CGRC 351A

Spring 2017 Schedule


Dr. Mike Kladde                    C/GRC 359               ph: 273-8142

Dr. Tom Yang                      ARB R3-295              ph: 294-8401

Course format:.

A. The Presenter will be the single person assigned for that week who is responsible for:

  1. Preparing a 5-10 min introduction for the paper in PowerPoint. Background research should be obtained from sources beyond the introduction of the assigned paper and set the historical context for the paper, i.e. what was known prior to the assigned paper, as well as other relevant information. Also, be prepared to discuss why you chose the paper.
  2. Preparing enlarged, readable PowerPoint slides of figures and tables in the paper, including Supplementary figures and tables. You should consider if supplemental data should be presented, but by no means should all of it be incorporated.
  3. Presenting the entire paper. Be prepared to discuss the methods used, limitations of the methods used, controls used, alternative experimental approaches and if the data support the conclusions. The goal is to be critical, but professional.
  4. Preparing Conclusions that provide a closing synopsis of the paper. Be certain to tie the new results to the bigger picture and be clear on how the paper did/did not move the field forward.

B.  Readers (two assigned per week) are responsible for reading the paper and facilitating discussion of the paper by asking questions.


  1. Papers should be recent (published within about the last 12 months) and relevant to our topic.
  2. Your paper must be approved by the assigned instructor at least one week prior to your scheduled date as presenter. Send the PDF files for both the paper and supplemental material to the assigned instructor and then to Dr. Kladde after it has been approved.
  3. You cannot present a paper that you have presented in another class.

Grading: S/U

A.  Class Attendance:
Attendance is required. Dr. Kladde will take roll or provide a sign-in sheet. Two unexcused absences will result in a grade of U. Please notify Dr. Kladde of university-excused absences (illness, attending conference, etc.) or scheduling conflicts as soon as possible. Except under extenuating circumstances, absences due to experiments will not be considered as excused.

B.  Presenters: (see course format, section A). Missing your presentation for an unexcused absence will result in a U grade.

C.  Readers:
Readers are required to read their assigned paper and ask questions to promote discussion. Attending class without reading the assigned paper will count as one unexcused absence.