CEG Faculty


The Center for Epigenetics has ~50 affiliated UF faculty with an interest in the field of epigenetics.  Within this cohort of faculty is a core group with a significant component of epigenetics in their current research programs.  This core group of active researchers in the area of epigenetics consists of:

Dorina Avram (Preeminence Professor and Director of Pulmonary Immunology; Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine) – Transcriptional and epigenetic control in immune system,  immune regulation, autoimmunity

David Bloom (Professor; Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, dbloom@ufl.edu) –Viral epigenetics, herpes virus

Kevin Brown (Associate Professor; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, kdbrown1@ufl.edu) – Cancer epigenetics, DNA repair

Jorg Bungert (Professor; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, jbungert@ufl.edu) –β-globin gene regulation, regulation of chromatin structure

Daniel Driscoll (Professor; Pediatrics, driscdj@peds.ufl.edu) – Genomic imprinting, Prader-Willi syndrome, obesity

Xiefan Fang (Assistant Scientist; Pediatrics, xiefanfang@ufl.edu) – Role of DNA methyltransferases on cardiac development

Michelle Gumz (Assistant Professor; Medicine, mlgumz@ufl.edu) – Epigenetic regulation of circadian rhythms

Olga Guryanova (Assistant Professor; Pharmacology & Therapeutics, oguryanova@ufl.edu) – Epigenetics of leukemia development

Alexander Ishov (Associate Professor; Anatomy & Cell Biology, ishov@ufl.edu) – Epigenetic regulation of nuclear structure, chemotherapy resistance in breast cancer

Dennie V. Jones (Professor; Medicine, dvjonesii@ufl.edu) – Epigenetics of lung cancer

Hideko Kasahara (Associate Professor; Physiology & Functional Genomics, hkasahar@ufl.edu) – Epigenetic regulation of cardiac anomalies

Darlene Kertes (Associate Professor; Psychology, dkertes@ufl.edu) – Epigenetics of stress and human development

Michael Kilberg (Professor; Biochemistry & Molec Biology, mkilberg@ufl.edu) – Nutrient regulation of gene expression, cancer

Michael Kladde (Professor; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, kladde@ufl.edu) – Cancer epigenetics, chromatin structure

Mark Lewis (Professor; Psychiatry, marklewis@ufl.edu) – Epigenetics of repetitive behavior and autism

Jonathan Licht (Professor & Director; Medicine, UF Health Cancer Center, jdlicht@ufl.edu) – Cancer epigenetics, histone methylation

Chenglong Li (Professor and Nicholas Bodor Professor in Drug Discovery; College of Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry, lic@cop.ufl.edu) – Drug Design and Discovery; Medicinal Chemistry; Chemical Biology; Molecular Modeling and Simulation; Computational Biochemistry; Protein Structural Biology; Molecular Biophysics; Arginine Methylation; IL-6/Jak/STAT3 pathway.

Jianrong Lu (Associate Professor; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, jrlu@ufl.edu) – Chromatin regulation in control of E2F activity, embryogenesis, & tumor suppression

Connie Mulligan (Professor; Anthropology, cmulligan@ufl.edu) – Cultural and behavioral epigenetics

Rene Opavsky (Associate Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology, ropavsky@ufl.edu) – DNA methyltransferases in hematologic malignancies

Yi Qiu (Assistant Professor; Anatomy & Cell Biology, qiuy@ufl.edu) – Histone deacetylases

Rolf Renne (Professor; Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, rrenne@ufl.edu) – Herpesvirus epigenetics and noncoding RNAs

James Resnick (Professor; Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, jresnick@ufl.edu) – Genomic Imprinting, germ cell development

Alberto Riva (ICBR, ariva@ufl.edu) – Bioinformatics, computational biology, epigenetics

Naohiro Terada (Professor; Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, terada@pathology.ufl.edu) – Stem cell epigenetics

Christopher Wendler (Assistant Professor; Pediatrics, cwendler@ufl.edu) – Epigenetic effects of adenosine, cardiac development

Mingyi Xie (Assistant Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, mingyi.xie@ufl.edu) – Gene expression regulation by non-coding RNAs; microRNA biogenesis

Thomas Yang (Professor; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, tpyang@ufl.edu) – Genomic imprinting, epigenomics, gene regulation

Lei Zhou (Associate Professor; Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, leizhou@ufl.edu) – Epigenetic regulation of stress-induced apoptosis